Sandra LaJeunesse

Senior Associate

Phone: 203.288.6688

Sandra LaJeunesse joined the OPG team in January 2015 bringing with her demonstrated expertise working with all levels of management and staff in developing the human competencies critical to business success.

Sandra provides leadership coaching & development, new leader assimilations, consulting and facilitation of groups on the human dynamics of change and transition, and conflict management assistance. She also enhances effective communication, helps build exceptional teams and workplace cultures, and provides career coaching. Sandra conducts organizational assessments, focus groups, collects 360º feedback data through probing interviews, and designs and facilitates retreats.

Organizations credit her with initiating change, and energizing and supporting individuals and teams in realizing set objectives. She uses many applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to promote an understanding of diversity of style and productive change.

Sandra’s work has been in diverse environments including healthcare, academic and other non-profit environments. Sandra is a founder of Odyssey Consulting and has practiced as a partner of Odyssey for the past seventeen years. Her experience includes eight years as a Senior Consultant with Right Management Consultants, then the world’s largest publicly traded international human resource consulting firm.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Education, with a strong emphasis in adult learning styles. She is Myers-Briggs qualified.

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