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Anthony Panos


Tony Panos is a co-founder and Partner at OPG.

Tony specializes in executive and team coaching and training. Tony teaches, consults, and facilitates group meetings to improve organizational culture and leadership effectiveness. Tony brings a wealth of business management and training experience to his coaching, facilitation, and workshop programs. He has a BS and an MBA in Management.

Tony has worked with both U.S. and international organizations such as Foster Wheeler, Disney, Lifespan, and other organizations as both instructor and coach. Tony also works with several education institutions including Weill Cornell Medical College, Yale University and Georgetown University. Tony helps transform these institutions through management and leadership training, team building, and coaching. The leadership challenges in the multiple market sectors Tony has worked in are similar, and the experiences Tony brings from working in these sectors contribute greatly to the richness of coaching conversations and approaches.

A sample of Tony’s training expertise includes:

  • Abundance Coaching
  • Managing Up
  • Transition from Technical Expert to Manager
  • Abundance Leadership
  • Mission-Driven Interviewing

Tony has coached hundreds of physicians, corporate managers, and executives. In his coaching role, Tony believes that “fit”, based on trust and development, is critical to the success of a coaching relationship. Tony’s philosophy of coaching is to facilitate growth through reflection and self-discovery. He also stresses that your behaviors have both positive, and potentially negative impacts. This understanding is a key step to successful growth and development. In his work career, Tony spent over 10 years at Burger King Corporation in multiple positions including Director of Training for New England, responsible for New Jersey franchise operations.

In all of his leadership positions he had direct operational and bottom-line responsibility. Most recently, Tony served as the Statewide Director of Management Programs at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. Programmatic areas included management and leadership development, Legal programs, HR development, and more. Tony’s wealth of diverse experiences has helped hundreds of clients create more effective and profitable organizations.

Tony, who is fluent in Greek, enjoys off-road biking and skiing.

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