Who We Are

Building Trust. Cultivating Relationships. Delivering Results.

OPG is an organizational development consulting firm that believes people and their ability to work together are critical to the success of your organization. Organizations that inspire and empower their employees have a competitive advantage.¬†All of our clients are leaders in their organizations who have a commitment to improving their organization so their people can be more effective at achieving the organization’s mission while also creating an extraordinary work culture.

We work with a small number of clients, implementing customized organizational development services. Our clients are from all sectors of the economy: from well-established companies to entrepreneurial businesses, from government organizations to educational institutions, from nonprofit agencies to religious organizations.

OPG’s innovative solutions yield bottom line results. Our services and programs combined with our company’s humanistic approach have helped hundreds of clients achieve new heights of success.

Our Team

Laura Freebairn-Smith

Anthony Panos

Covey Crolius

Pamela Franks

Tara Gumprecht

Agata Gluszek

Sandra LaJeunesse

Paul DiPrato

Brett Rayford

Robert Roche

Maya Rose

Sharon Ruwart


Ross Tartell

Gretchen Wright