Strategic Planning

Develop a shared vision for the future.

Is your organization at an inflection point in its growth? Is it looking to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment? Are you hoping to identify what metrics truly matter to assess overall performance? Strategic planning offers the opportunity to ask and answer the big questions that shape your organization’s direction.

The OPG approach

We work with our clients to create dynamic, inspirational strategic plans that often include the following:

  • Vision and mission statements
  • Organizational values
  • Aspirational or “big leap” goals that take significant energy and resources to accomplish
  • Iterative goals that detail the next meaningful steps forward for the organization
  • Success measures for each goal
  • Meta-Metrics™ that measure success for the entire organization
  • Resourcing and implementation plans
  • Communication plans

We employ a variety of tools and techniques to maximize creativity, inclusivity, and data-informed decision-making in the planning process, such as:

  • Facilitation techniques that ensure all voices are heard, such as Liberating Structures 
  • Focus groups, interviews, surveys, and retreats to engage stakeholders
  • Benchmarking and competitive landscape analyses  
  • Identification of paradoxical tensions that the organization is balancing 
  • Criteria to assess ideas for inclusion in the plan 
  • Scenario planning 
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Historical sensemaking 
  • And more

Our process produces more than just a plan – it builds camaraderie, expands expertise, empowers internal planners, creates energy, and builds commitment to your organization. Teamwork, leadership and management competencies, and group facilitation skills increase because of our approach.

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