Restart your team


What now?! How do we find our way to a new, even more vibrant ‘normal’ that incorporates new insights and skills gained from the COVID crisis?

How do we learn from the difficult moments of the pandemic? It’s highly likely that you, your team, and your organization have been profoundly changed and are working on finding new footing. How will you get your team and your organization re-started, back on their feet? How can you pivot your strategies to get back on a successful financial path with a healthy organizational culture?

You can do this quickly and effectively by reflecting, integrating new knowledge and experiences, and planning. OPG’s quick virtual workshops help you, your leaders, your managers, your staff, and your entire organization find a new strategic pathway.

OPG is providing a series of practical 1-hour webinars that will help you address: 

  • Personal reflection and sensemaking
  • Reconnection with other team members
  • Tactics for financial survival in the crisis and beyond
  • Models to make sense of COVID’s impact on the organization and teams
  • Plans and actions steps to institutionalize positive changes from the crisis
  • Ways to adjust long-term strategies to reflect new realities
  • Tactical steps to take when re-opening and in the months that follow

Restart Your Team

OPG is offering four 1-hour webinars, which can be done as an entire sequence or done individually, in which participants work through a series of exercises that help their team come back more aligned, effective, and cohesive.

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