Organizational Health & Culture Development

We help clients create extraordinary workplace cultures – driven by dreams, supported by data

Proactive and engaged leaders of organizations, large and small, are interested in how their organizations can do better. The definition of ‘better’ might vary from one organization to another, but all organizational achievements rely on the high performance of human beings engaged in the organization’s life.

The culture and climate in which those people operate dramatically impact the organization’s ability to do its best. Leaders, managers, and staff create the organizational culture and climate every day. Morale is one result of an organization’s culture and climate. Dynamic, healthy, and appropriate cultures and climates lift morale which in turn increases effectiveness, creating an even healthier culture and climate. This can become a positive self-reinforcing cycle.

Difficult and dysfunctional cultures and climates work in the opposite direction, dragging down results and diminishing morale.

The OPG approach

OPG uses its proprietary organizational health assessment and other instruments to measure an organization’s current health status, much like a doctor does with a patient, measuring vital signs. Based on those results OPG works with leaders and staff in a highly inclusive process to create meaningful and do-able initiatives that move the culture forward, improving morale and increasing productivity and impact.

OPG’s services in this area include:

  • Bespoke organizational culture assessments, including:
    • Custom employee engagement surveys
    • Stakeholder interviews and focus groups
  • Data “unpacking” 
  • Action planning based on data collection
  • Culture committee process design and facilitation
  • Small group coaching
  • Culture-building retreats 

As part of the culture development process, OPG helps the organization’s leaders and staff learn new ways of analyzing and understanding organizational life, often better aligning expectations with what is possible.

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