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How do we transition from being a skilled individual contributor to a successful manager and then leader? This transition involves not only a shift in professional identity, but also the acquisition of new skills and habits, many of which are not typically taught outside of MBA programs. 

As we move from content expert to leader, our sense of professional competence and confidence undergoes a significant shift. Initially, our competence rises as we become an expert in our field. However, stepping into management and leadership roles requires a different skill set, often leading to a decline in confidence. 

Navigating this transition can be challenging. We often feel less competent in this new role, with limited time for formal training in management and leadership. Consequently, we are left to learn on the job, facing challenges and sometimes hesitating to admit our uncertainties in leading and managing effectively.

The OPG approach

At OPG, we help you through this transition period. We assist you in applying The Center for Creative Leadership’s 70/20/10 rule for the types of experiences you need to grow as a manager and leader:

  • Challenging assignments (70%)
  • Developmental relationships (20%)
  • Coursework and training (10%)

OPG offers individual coaching and workshops. Our Abundance Coaching packages are designed to assist you in identifying challenging assignments for yourself or for those you aim to develop. Coaching can also support you to proactively establish developmental relationships.  

Our workshops, which include public and private options, are thoughtfully structured to guide you from mastering core management skills to becoming an abundance leader equipped with the tools to make a positive impact on the world. 

OPG also works with leadership teams, supporting the development of shared values, norms, strategy, and skill-building around common challenges such as establishing trust, managing conflict, and developing mutual accountability.

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