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2013_wcma_imagining_retreat_0100Some people seem to be natural born managers or leaders; others seem to stumble repeatedly when promoted into the ranks of management. Most people are promoted to management because of their technical expertise and almost all require managerial training. The good news is that management skills can be taught.

Our management training uses hands-on tools that give immediate results. The topics listed below can be taught in sessions of varying lengths from a half-day to three days. Please call or email us for pricing and information on instructors’ backgrounds.

  • Team Building: Getting Your Team to “Wow”
  • Performance Measurement and Strategic Alignment: How Do We Know When Our Organization is Succeeding?
  • Leading Change
  • Managing Up
  • Manager’s Boot Camp
  • Mission Driven Interviewing
  • Meeting Management
  • Organizational Citizenship: How to Turn Your Staff into Superb Organizational Citizens.
  • Individual Impact
  • Building a Culture of Superior Service
  • Helping Faculty Manage
  • Group Decision Making Strategies for Leaders
  • Personal Identity and Stereotyping
  • The Spiritual Hazards of Managing
  • Designing Organizations From Scratch
  • Strategic Action for Tough Times
  • Organizational Development Training for HR Professionals
  • Organizational Health: Have You Measured Your Organization’s Vital Signs Lately?
  • Paradoxes of Leadership
  • The Abundance Leadership and Organizational Health Model
  • Using Metrics to Motivate Staff Behavior Change
  • Women and Men in the Workplace

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