Abundance Leadership Coaching

Unleash your full leadership potential.

OPG’s coaching services are tailored to help people grow, whether that means sharpening leadership skills, preparing for succession or other professional transitions, learning to better manage professional demands, or balancing evolving workplace expectations.

Our coaches bring a depth of experience in both coaching and organizational leadership roles where they have provided guidance for leaders and managers in organizations of nearly every type and size.

The OPG approach
Delivering measurable business outcomes and personal improvement

Our coaching process centers on helping individuals cultivate an Abundance Leadership® mindset, which includes three key philosophies:

  • Power is shareable
  • Many possibilities exist
  • Available resources are sufficient when innovation and creativity are employed

With an abundance mindset, coachees find they gain greater power over situations and challenges by sharing control and fostering open communication. They develop the skills to reframe conflict as opportunity, improve collaborative solution-building, and more creatively secure and develop the resources they need to succeed.

The results of this work are profound. Coachees report measurable improvements in their business outcomes, including more productive teams who are better equipped to solve problems and drive innovations, stronger individual career growth, marked decreases in turnover, and improved hiring processes. Many coachees report that these benefits translate to other areas of their personal life.

What you can expect from OPG coaching

As facilitators, OPG coaches guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery. Our role is to ask questions and provide resources that help clients more deeply understand their challenges, normalize their struggles, and discover forward-thinking solutions. With honest, objective feedback—delivered in a thoughtful, constructive way—coachees gain critical insight that helps them thrive.

We are committed to a process that is:

  • Tailored: We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. We create an approach that considers the coachee’s organizational culture and design the engagement to meet each individual’s needs.
  • Collaborative: While OPG works with a variety of assessments and other data-gathering and analysis tools, we know that the most important element of any successful coaching relationship is the rapport and trust that coaches and clients develop.
  • Foundational: We develop long-term coaching relationships that encourage coachees to continue their own development even after an initial engagement has ended.
  • Confidential: By ensuring confidentiality, we create a space where coachees feel safe to open up and work toward their development objectives.

Not sure that coaching is right for you? We invite you to read Demystifying Professional Coaching to better understand the coaching journey.

In this information-gathering session, the coachee and their supervisor share insights on organizational dynamics and culture, as well as the coachee’s goals and development needs.

OPG designs the formal coaching program. This may include observations of the coachee in representative situations, a 360-degree feedback assessment, or other assessment tools.

The coach reviews assessment results and evaluates needs and opportunities. This data guides action planning, helps to set expectations, and informs goal development.

Through coaching sessions and observations, the coach provides actionable feedback for the coachee to integrate into their everyday work.

Coaching ends with a process of reflection, celebration, and planning for the future.

What clients have to say

Coaching options to meet your needs

Coaching packages

OPG offers customizable packages that can include in-person or virtual coaching sessions, skill-building workshops, and ad hoc support including brief consultative calls outside regularly scheduled appointments. We also use tools, such as 360-degree feedback assessments, to understand your needs in the context of your leadership roles and relationships. As an optional add-on, coachees may choose to participate in the Abundance Leadership® Immersion Program, our transformative four-day skill-building course.

Ad hoc coaching sessions

Our one-off, one-on-one coaching sessions are hyper-focused on addressing specific challenges or opportunities. This type of coaching also allows members of your team or organization to take advantage of a fixed number of on-demand ad hoc coaching sessions.

Coaching pods

An experienced facilitator guides these small coaching groups of up to eight people from your organization. In these pods, team members build skills around a shared need, collaborate to address common challenges, and create a foundation for an ongoing support network.

Discover the Coaching Approach That Works for You

Still have questions? We offer complimentary 15-minute consultations to help you explore how coaching might help you and your organization.