Analytics & Diagnostics

What do they really think?


Sometimes it is difficult to know what a particular constituency really thinks about an issue or what it needs. Surveys can help gather data about almost any organizational topic in an anonymous way, allowing for better decision making and resource allocation. We often combine our survey design with focus groups or interviews of constituents to give you a more robust understanding of the question your organization is confronting.
What’s going on in our work culture?

Does your company keep experiencing the same problems?

Does one department consistently underperform? Do your top managers last only a short time in certain divisions? Does your company have an extremely sensitive issue that requires an objective analysis?

Organizational diagnosis methodically examines parts of an organization to understand the whole. It is often done in conjunction with strategic planning to discover areas for improvement. We use a number of tools – including surveys, interviews, focus groups, research, and document analysis – to help you understand what needs to be done to solve the issues that are holding your organization back.

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