You understand that business success depends on organizational "health," but can you identify the key characteristics that measure how your leadership behavior impacts your bottom line? In this course you will find out how your behaviors influence business success and what you can do to achieve your maximum leadership impact.

Successful companies are healthy companies: leaders are supportive in surmounting obstacles, build commitment and enthusiasm company-wide, and see the possibilities in all situations. Our research has identified these characteristics as key indicators of Abundance Leaders. Our survey tool will evaluate you and your company on a range of characteristics, measure the key indicators that define Abundance Leaders and identify behaviors that require attention.


In the Abundance Leadership® program, you will learn to maximize your leadership impact. The core of our personalized approach is crafted from the insight gained from your pre-course diagnostic assessment. We compare your results to benchmark data collected from hundreds of top-level executives, identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your organization's health. One-on-one coaching, in addition to a variety of learning activities, will ensure integrated learning: you will be able to apply your new knowledge to real projects right away to achieve maximum leadership impact.

The video above shows some of the activities in the winter program and how the program came to be what is it today.


At OPG, we are dedicated to bringing leadership and facilitation skills to any person, no matter their economic background or the financial status of their organization. OPG is now providing limited scholarships to (Mastering Group Facilitation/Abundance Leadership) for those who are dedicated to transforming their organizations and their presence as a leader. If you are interested in applying for an OPG scholarship, please fill out an application here.

Tuition: $4,800
Materials Fee: $500


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