Use Empathy Maps to Understand Your Client

Ross Tartell

“Empathy Mapping is a powerful visualization approach that helps ensure project success by creating a clear understanding of the individual’s or group’s perspective, need, or experience.” Read more from Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

Leading through Paradigm Shifts

Laura Freebairn-Smith

Profound paradigm shifts are happening everywhere. Recent crises and long-simmering ones have been both devastating and brilliantly unsettling. Deeply held beliefs about what is possible and how fast change can occur have been uprooted and tossed out – creating both positive and destructive change. The extraordinarily rapid erosion of democracies around the world due to escalating propagation of disinformation is …

Onboarding: Welcome and Performance

Ross Tartell

  Onboarding: Welcome and Performance “A framework will ensure your onboarding process is on target. Here is a three-pronged approach that will help you create an effective onboarding process that enables new hires to learn and then apply what they know to their work.” Read full article by Ross Tartell here! 

From 0-60: Taking Teams to Virtual High Performance Fast

Organizational Performance Group

How can teams successfully and authentically cultivate trust within a virtual environment? In what ways should leaders approach building and sustaining trust differently with virtual teams than with those that share a workspace? Leah Hancock is an Associate at OPG. She brings significant experience working with individuals and organizations to strengthen relationships, strategy, and systems that enable them to more …

Five Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap

Laura Freebairn-Smith

“…A third factor is an emphasis on having children as a critical life achievement. More women and men are choosing not to have children but there is extraordinary societal pressure to do so. It’s a cliché but true — as soon as a couple gets married (hetero, gay, or otherwise), people start asking, “When are you going to have kids?” …

Radical Move Leadership in a Crisis

Laura Freebairn-Smith

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama and former Mayor of Chicago   Do you want to build or sustain your team virtually in these tough times? Be a radical-move leader. This kind of leadership is a magnet for teams, and it allows people to spontaneously and creatively keep their …

What’s an Organizational Charrette and How Can It Enhance Your Business?

Laura Freebairn-Smith

    Developing a culture of true innovation and creativity within an organization is no easy task. Even if a leader advocates for their employees to be creative and pursue new ideas, organizations rarely allocate time and resources for those employees to be creative without risking the time they need for standard operations. To truly explore what creativity and innovation …

5 Ways To Build A Winning Team: It’s Not Easy

Laura Freebairn-Smith

      “This team rocks!” This is the holy grail for managers and leaders. And, there are millions of articles and blogs about how to get your team to that level of performance. Here are five strategies to build a winning team.   Read the full article by Partner Laura Freebairn-Smith at CEO World! 

Choose the Best Learning Path

Ross Tartell

How organizations, managers, and learners can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning effort—for each individual. Read the full article by Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine!