Self-care and self-awareness in managing

Organizational Performance Group

Laura Freebairn-Smith and Tony Panos Date Published: 2018, Organizational Performance Group Does managing both exhaust and excite you? Based on our experience with teaching thousands of managers and leaders, we estimate that only 10% of people are naturals at managing and leading, which are psychologically demanding responsibilities. Often it is the lure of higher compensation or more status that causes …

Strategies to make learning stick

Ross Tartell

Ross Tartell Published in “Training Magazine”, January 2018 Learning retention must be approached through the holistic integration of learning methodologies with how people actually learn in the workplace. Read more… Read the full article 

Culture, Morale, and Motivation in Organizations: An Overview

Laura Freebairn-Smith Organizational Skills and Culture

Laura Freebairn-Smith 2016, Organizational Performance Group. Proactive and engaged leaders of organizations, large and small, are interested in how their organizations can do better. The definition of “better” might vary from one organization to another, but those achievements universally rely on the high performance of human beings engaged in the organization’s life. The culture and climate in which those people …

Organizational Citizenship: Seven Behaviors that Go Above and Beyond the Expected

Laura Freebairn-Smith Organizational Skills and Culture

Laura Freebairn-Smith Date Published: 2013, Organizational Performance Group Just as general citizenship behaviors make our daily world better, so do organizational citizenship behaviors. Which world would you rather live in? This one… The person in front of you doesn’t hold the door for you. A piece of garbage flies out of the car in front of you. Several team members …

Employee Engagement – Why Care?

Ross Tartell Organizational Skills and Culture

Ross Tartell Published in “Training” magazine, July/August 2012. An engaged workforce that performs with energy, focus, and commitment is critical to organizational survival. Download full article (PDF) View the article on “Training” magazine’s website here

Conversational Intelligence at Work

Ross Tartell Organizational Skills and Culture

Ross Tartell Published in “OD Practitioner,” Volume 46, No. 3, 2014. Conversations are more than sharing of information. Conversations are the “golden threads” that keeps us connected to others. All human beings are born with the hardwired ability for conversations— we call that hardwired ability Conversational Intelligence. This is the learnable ability, to connect, navigate,  and grow with others—a necessity …

Abundance and Scarcity Models in Leaders – 2009

Laura Freebairn-Smith

A dissertation presented to the Faculty of Saybrook University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organizational Systems by Laura Freebairn-Smith Some leaders create more energy, joy, productivity, and dedication in their subordinates than others. About these bosses, subordinates consistently say things like, “I loved working for her.” Leadership research has tried …