Tony Panos

“CEOs and senior leaders are not immune from the challenges of difficult conversations. A senior position and title does not make it easier to have tough conversations, and often the impact of difficult conversations is magnified because of the leader’s position and title. A leader’s words and actions are closely scrutinized by subordinates, investors, and others.” Read this article by …

Impact of Gender Pay Inequity on Morale and Work Culture – Psychology Today

Laura Freebairn-Smith

“The gender pay gap is both completely visible and invisible at the same time. The statistics and data are readily available and well-analyzed from many sources – institutes, governments, universities. And yet, we– whether by family unit, organization, state, or country – as a collective culture, tolerate this extremely well-documented form of discrimination. Inside most organizations, other than the public sector, …

Self-care and self-awareness in managing

Organizational Performance Group

Laura Freebairn-Smith and Tony Panos Date Published: 2018, Organizational Performance Group Does managing both exhaust and excite you? Based on our experience with teaching thousands of managers and leaders, we estimate that only 10% of people are naturals at managing and leading, which are psychologically demanding responsibilities. Often it is the lure of higher compensation or more status that causes …

Leading with Radically Informative Indicators

Organizational Performance Group

Organizations are complex interdependent systems that have a range of issues that impacting the measurement of their performance, and understanding the impact of these issues needs to be considered because of their significant influence. Leading with Radically Informative Indicators >> complete article

Transforming the Top Management Team Into a Learning Group

Laura Freebairn-Smith Leading Organizations

Laura Freebairn-Smith Chapter published in “Managing in Organizations that Learn,” Steven Cavaleri and David Fearon, © Blackwell Publishers, 1996. An organization’s top management team is critical for its long-term health. This chapter looks at how the management team can increase and sustain its ability to learn, as well as encourage ongoing learning throughout the organization. Today, the primary function of …

Responding to Contingent Leadership Behavior

Ross Tartell Leading Organizations

Ross Tartell, Harvey A. Hornstein, Madeline E. Heilman, Edward Mone Published in “Organizational Dynamics,” Volume 15, Issue 4, 1987. © Elsevier Inc., 2014 The romance between the behavioral sciences and leadership has lasted almost a century. It’s difficult to compress the 3,000 investigations it has produced into a few pages without some distortion, but it is possible to observe how the …

Can Leadership Ethics Be Learned

Ross Tartell Leading Organizations

Ross Tartell Published in “Training” magazine, May/June 2011. A moral compass is fundamental. But much of what leaders need to know, say, and do is based on what they have learned over the course of their career. Download full article (PDF) View the article on “Training” magazine’s website here

Abundance and Scarcity Models in Leaders – 2009

Laura Freebairn-Smith

A dissertation presented to the Faculty of Saybrook University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organizational Systems by Laura Freebairn-Smith Some leaders create more energy, joy, productivity, and dedication in their subordinates than others. About these bosses, subordinates consistently say things like, “I loved working for her.” Leadership research has tried …