Use Empathy Maps to Understand Your Client

Ross Tartell

“Empathy Mapping is a powerful visualization approach that helps ensure project success by creating a clear understanding of the individual’s or group’s perspective, need, or experience.” Read more from Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

Onboarding: Welcome and Performance

Ross Tartell

  Onboarding: Welcome and Performance “A framework will ensure your onboarding process is on target. Here is a three-pronged approach that will help you create an effective onboarding process that enables new hires to learn and then apply what they know to their work.” Read full article by Ross Tartell here! 

5 Ways To Build A Winning Team: It’s Not Easy

Laura Freebairn-Smith

      “This team rocks!” This is the holy grail for managers and leaders. And, there are millions of articles and blogs about how to get your team to that level of performance. Here are five strategies to build a winning team.   Read the full article by Partner Laura Freebairn-Smith at CEO World!  5 Ways to Build a Winning …

Take the Mystery out of Succession Planning

Ross Tartell

The basic steps of succession planning are the same regardless of organizational size.  Read the full article by Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

What’s Money Got to Do with It?

Laura Freebairn-Smith

Money is a form of energy, and here’s how that energy affects workers. “Despite all the literature and research on motivation, of which there appears to be millions of pieces of writing and thinking, the holy grail of a perfectly defined pathway to worker motivation doesn’t exist. I think this is because the theories are great and explain a lot …

Impact of Gender Pay Inequity on Morale and Work Culture – Psychology Today

Laura Freebairn-Smith

“The gender pay gap is both completely visible and invisible at the same time. The statistics and data are readily available and well-analyzed from many sources – institutes, governments, universities. And yet, we– whether by family unit, organization, state, or country – as a collective culture, tolerate this extremely well-documented form of discrimination. Inside most organizations, other than the public sector, …

Organizational Survey Research- A Multifaceted Ethical Assessment

Organizational Performance Group

The use of organizational survey research is not new. However, when information is collected that is not directly related to a job analysis such as demographic and bio-data, it can almost always be viewed as intrusive, and ethical considerations must be weighed. To read this article by OPG’s Adam Freidman, hit the link below! Adam Freidman – Organizational Survey Research- …

Stressed Out HR: 7 Steps to Making Things Better

Laura Freebairn-Smith

Leon Bailey & Laura Freebairn-Smith Published by TLNT (Talent Management and HR) online, June 2017 Human resource professionals are the “stress absorbers” for their organizations and often for individuals in the organization. They occupy a special niche in the organizational ecosystem — a critical one for the success of all companies. But how can the HR professional cope with the stress …