Use Empathy Maps to Understand Your Client

Ross Tartell

“Empathy Mapping is a powerful visualization approach that helps ensure project success by creating a clear understanding of the individual’s or group’s perspective, need, or experience.” Read more from Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

Choose the Best Learning Path

Ross Tartell

How organizations, managers, and learners can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning effort—for each individual. Read the full article by Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

Take the Mystery out of Succession Planning

Ross Tartell

The basic steps of succession planning are the same regardless of organizational size.  Read the full article by Senior Associate Ross Tartell at Training Magazine! 

How to hire a consultant

Organizational Performance Group

Let’s say you have something that needs improvement within your organization. It could be leadership skills, internal processes, analytics and diagnostics, Human Resources development, or anything else your company may need. You want to make a change but are not sure how to proceed.  There are three reasons to hire a consultant:    You don’t have the time You don’t …

Use Focus Groups for Rapid Needs Analysis

Ross Tartell Consulting

Ross Tartell Published in “Training” magazine, March/April 2014. Rapid prototyping design and development methodologies require a strong needs analysis in order to be successful. Focus groups can be the answer. Download full article (PDF) View the article on “Training” magazine’s website here

Consulting to the Nonprofit Sector

Laura Freebairn-Smith Consulting

Laura Freebairn-Smith Chapter published in “Management Consulting: A Complete Guide to the Industry,” Sugata Biswas and Daryl Twitchell, © John Wiley, 1999. To effectively help nonprofit organizations, we, as consultants, must have a strong understanding of the nonprofit sector and its typical organizational structures. We need to convince our nonprofit clients that we have strong functional and industry expertise. And …