Case Study

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

OPG worked with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to create a strategic destination map to guide the organization in its next chapter.  

“When the COVID-19 crisis hit, like everyone else our teams at the Community Foundation had to start working remotely. Unlike everyone else, we did it extremely smoothly. I am confident it was because of the work we did in our strategic planning process. We are leaps and bounds beyond other organizations struggling with the COVID crisis because of the preparation and foundational planning we did 5 years ago. 

The mantra we created in our strategic planning, “New ways of doing business,” became our battle cry to get through the difficult times. That mantra is the challenge behind everything we do, so when we were presented with a new problem it was easy for the team to adapt. We are always planning for a future that we can’t even imagine. In 2020 we did not foresee working under pandemic conditions. Because of the preparation and planning we did, we made the sudden transition smoothly and competently. 

Looking at what is next, we need to be able to imagine the unimaginable and identify the talent that is going to take us there. Our experience with OPG taught us to be comfortable outside of the box, to have conversations that are not grounded in what we have always done, and to use the framework of our mission to make creative decisions.”

 – Leon Bailey, Sr. Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Culture