Case Study

Northwell Health

Dr. Paula Marchetta reached out to OPG with the idea for a “Thieves Market” retreat designed to promote the sharing of innovative ideas and a spirit of healthy competition among Northwell Health’s seven Western Region hospitals. 

Together, we designed a dynamic pop-up marketplace that created the opportunity for the hospitals to showcase existing innovations while engaging in out-of-the-box thinking around new ideas. Each hospital left with a concrete action plan to implement at least one new initiative, and the hospital with the most ideas stolen from them earned a trophy. 

Not only did the leaders in attendance take away fresh ideas, they made lasting connections with their colleagues and counterparts at other hospitals. 

Participants shared:

  • “Excellent job! More of this!”
  • “It was a great mix of activities and discussion” 
  • “I enjoyed the day! I love tapping into others’ creative solutions.”
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