Case Study

Hoffman Architects

“OPG helped us figure out how to create an environment in which concerns are dealt with constructively – we have had concerns about compensation that we can now talk about in a positive way.”

Hoffmann Architects is an architectural firm with multiple locations whose primary competitive advantage is the strength of its talented employees. Hoffmann engaged OPG to complete a cultural assessment of their firm to ensure that they sustain a culture that is always able to attract and retain top talent.

OPG conducted a cultural assessment of Hoffmann Architects through the following steps:
  • Gather initial feedback from staff through confidential individual interviews
  • Assess the culture’s strengths and challenges through a survey of the entire firm
  • Analyze the survey results and offer recommendations to the leadership team and staff through presentations and a written report

The survey results showed an engaged staff who were very mission-aligned, but lacked the proper communication and performance review tools to feel entirely satisfied with their experience of the work culture. OPG suggested that Hoffmann “bridge the gap” between their three offices, within the offices, and across cultural perceptions and reality, and provided a set of recommendations to help them do so.

As a result of OPG’s culture survey and analysis, Hoffmann Architects was able to take immediate action to improve its culture and ensure greater employee retention.