Case Study

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

We have sought out OPG’s help with a variety of organizational development needs over the last six years. The customized management workshop series they designed and delivered, as well as their insights about the Center’s culture and challenges, helped create a shared management vocabulary and skills. Besides deepening our management bench, the management team enjoyed the time they spent connecting across departments and building camaraderie.” Kaushal Challa, Chief Executive Officer, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

 Charles B. Wang Community Health Center (CBWCHC) is well into 50 years of operation, growing from a street-based health fair providing free primary care and referrals to Chinese-speaking immigrants in lower Manhattan, to a multi-site healthcare organization in two boroughs with a budget close to $100M. CBWCHC hired a new Chief Executive Officer, Kaushal Challa, three years ago, right before COVID started. Mr. Challa helped CBWCHC navigate the COVID crisis in good form, not only keeping the Center open but also ensuring that it was able to flex its staff count and provide high quality care to patients.

With the most pressing demands of COVID in the rear-view mirror, and many new projects ahead, Mr. Challa and his executive team, recognized that the Center’s leaders and managers, many of whom had been promoted for clinical competence, needed development and support to grow into their new roles. In response, and using insights from CBWCHC’s strategic plan and senior staff survey data, OPG crafted a robust approach including the following:

 A 6-part management workshop series, custom-designed by OPG, including topics such as team building, engaging in difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, meeting management, and measuring what matters

  • Coaching for management workshop series participants
  • Coaching and team building for triads of MDs and administrators leading in key specialties
  • A final report in which OPG shared its insights about organizational culture, management, and leadership

The engagement served to enhance senior staff members’ leadership and management skills and improve cohesion within leadership teams and across CBWCHC as a whole.

“This was a great opportunity to share and learn from each other.” (Workshop participant)