OPG’s Dedication to Justice

OPG stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and racial justice movements. 

Our team has been processing the recent but not unfamiliar injustices that our country has witnessed in the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others. Individually, we react from places of sadness, anger, confusion, exhaustion, action, and hope. Collectively, we understand that even though working toward racial justice is a shared value among us, we have work to do.

As an organization, we commit to a continuous state of learning and unlearning (of the biases that we all hold and the racism that we have internalized). We recognize our shared responsibility to understand and interrogate the history and systems that form the spaces within which we live and work. We are also aware that all identity-based oppression and injustice requires our full attention.

OPG’s mission outlines the steps we envision to make a better world, but it does not explicitly name racial justice as one of those steps. Our journey to become an antiracist organization must be foundational to our mission and organizational citizenship. In this we have work to do.

Our work with clients has always employed a foundation of social justice and systems thinking with a natural focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Now, more than ever, our work must reflect our dedication and commitment to antiracism. We will explicitly name this approach from the beginning with our clients and provide resources for them to influence and lead change within their organizations. In this we have work to do.

OPG’s culture and identity emphasizes purpose, transparency, continuous feedback, and a spirit of abundance. We lean into the difficult conversations. And we need to share more dialogue, more resources, and establish clearer metrics to evaluate our own antiracism efforts.

We must confront our country’s history of racial injustice. We must do so as individuals, families, organizations, communities, and as a nation. This work is a journey and ongoing practice, and one that OPG is committed to. We invite you to join us, and we welcome your feedback and insights along the way.