OPG and Chiefofstaff.com deliver first class strategy and unparalleled execution.


Woodbridge, CT & Hartford, CT, May 2018 -­ According to the Harvard Business Review, fully 75% of CEOs fail when it comes to executing strategic plans. Moving the needle here can be the difference in succeeding and falling behind. Organizational Performance Group (OPG) and Chiefofstaff.com announce a partnership that delivers OPG’s first class expertise in strategic planning combined with Chiefofstaff.com’s powerful strategy execution software to help CEOs and their teams lead with excellence.

OPG brings decades of experience in helping people work better together. With previous clients like Foster Wheeler UK and the Cleveland Museum of Art, the firm’s knowledge in strategic planning and leadership training offers support, expertise and analytical rigor that ensure organizations are well designed, and employees are productive contributors. Founding Partners Laura Freebairn­Smith and Anthony Panos bring a wealth of consulting and facilitation experience to their clients.

 “OPG has been providing strategic planning services to clients in a variety of industries, from museums to energy construction companies. While our planning process is thorough and robust, we have been looking for a way to help our clients better implement their plans. Chiefofstaff.com has provided us with that tool.”­­

Laura Freebairn-­Smith, Partner at OPG

Chiefofstaff.com, built from the combined intellect and experience of three CEOs and a rocket scientist with over 100+ years running multinational organizations, knows strategic execution. Founded by Robert Epner, Richard McGeary, Dr. Lawrence Sullivan, and Dr. Dean Jorgensen, Chiefofstaff.com’s software provides a clear line of sight across large, complex organizations. It flexibly adapts to a client’s planning approach and creates improved alignment, accountability and transparency across business units. By making actionable information available in real time, Chiefofstaff.com ensures leaders have the information they need to make smart decisions.

"We at Chiefofstaff.com are honored to work with world­class consulting firm partner OPG, whose team is committed to getting results for their clients. Our platform is an extension of OPG’s work, enabling seamless execution. When the client achieves their highest goals, we all win."

­­­Robert Epner, Founder & CEO, Chiefofstaff.com

Together, OPG and Chiefofstaff.com aim to improve the odds of success for corporate leaders. With a strong leader at the helm of a well­aligned organization, the right strategy and the ability to execute with excellence is unbeatable.


Press contact: 

Robert Roche

Marketing and Innovation Manager at OPG

rroche@orgpg.com, 203.288.6688