Managers Bootcamp ™


Today’s managers are expected to manage the performance, results, risk, priorities, expectations, processes, and systems for their organizations. 

For managers of varying levels, Organizational Performance Group's Manager Bootcamp offers an intense, practical curriculum recognizing the challenges and importance of these areas. The Bootcamp also addresses each leader’s managerial impact on recognizing perceptions, creative problem solving, and team building.

Participants learn how communication skills, motivation, positive confrontation, and their mindset impact leadership – their own and those of their team leaders. Addressing these skills in a highly interactive format creates an opportunity for both tenured and newly promoted managers to explore and practice these skills sets from the perspective of their needs.


As a result of Manager Boot Camp ™, you will:

  • Understand how unconscious behaviors impact your ability to lead
  • Investigate managing and leading competencies vs. technical competencies
  • Understand how to move from a place of judging to learning
  • Practice using tools and strategies to have difficult conversations
  • Discover how to provide performance-related feedback
  • Determine an“Approachability IQ” and team culture
  • Learn how to communicate and align expectations
  • Understand the differences between influence and control

Tuition: $1,650

Materials Fee: $250