Executive Presence and Gravitas Coaching

Gravitas was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted "seriousness." It is also translated variously as weight, dignity, and importance, and (it) connotes restraint and moral rigor. It also conveys a sense of responsibility and commitment to the task...

Gravitas was particularly appreciated as an ideal characteristic in leaders.”

From Wikipedia

You know them when you see them.

They are people who effortlessly have power when they speak, when they lead a meeting, and when they enter a room or a conversation. These people make things happen. They move the world forward and they do it at no one’s expense. They make it abundantly clear that every member of the team matters and has impact.

They have presence and gravitas.

Gravitas and presence are not just innate traits – they are learned skills.

OPG’s 5-session, one-on-one coaching program will increase your presence and gravitas, and thus increase your impact as a leader.

In the program, you will examine, modify, and strengthen your verbal habits, physical patterns, attire, mental habits, and more. The sessions also cover how to better construct and present ideas to others.

The program takes you through a step-wise, gentle progression from informal dialogue to more formal presentations through the use of readings, coaching, and videotaping. Assignments completed between sessions help increase the impact of the five coaching sessions.

This program has helped many leaders overcome common obstacles:

  • Land the next level position

    Making dreams of upward mobility a reality

  • Improve workplace culture scores

    Increasing credibility with staff

  • Increase a department's budget

    Utilizing new presentation skills and techniques

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