TIME MANAGEMENT: Minding Your Ds and Qs to Keep from Losing Your Mind

Organizational Performance Group Building Skills

Do you have enough time to complete your to-do list everyday? We didn’t think so.

In this course, we explore how to effectively manage your time in order to achieve your goals in the face of cultural pressures. We look at being in the present moment with an eye on the future and identifying on what activities you should spend your time. We discuss the evolution of time management through the following five stages:

  • Keeping lists and notes
  • Using calendars and appointment books
  • Prioritizing and clarifying values
  • Managing ourselves
  • Abandoning the illusion of control
  • We also work through Stephen Covey’s time management matrix in order to better identify your priorities. At the end of this course, you will know the “4Ds and 4Qs” for effective time management and how to avoid “time robbers” along the way.



    As a result of the Time Management workshop, you will:

    • Learn to plan and prioritize your time
    • Discover tools and tactics for effective time management
    • Learn the 4Ds and 4Qs of time management

    AUDIENCE: All levels

    In the time management model, Covey starts by defining activities as important vs. not important and urgent vs. not urgent.

    Do you think you could characterize each activity of your day this way?