PARADOXES OF LEADERSHIP: Embracing the Contradictions

Organizational Performance Group Leading Organizations

How do we bring our whole self to leading so we can live in the paradoxes of running an organization?

A paradox is holding seemingly opposite states or conditions at the same time. In this workshop, we explore the paradoxes that hierarchy creates, such as being mindful of the organization’s future goals while maintaining control of day-to-day operations.

Leading and managing are full of paradoxes that we rush to resolve, but the “answer is the enemy.” The more we try to control, the less successful we are; the more we do for others, the less capable they are.

In this workshop, we use Peter Block’s four engagement questions to addressing engagement and stewardship. Questioning our behaviors offers insights and tools into how we can lead with our whole selves. This type of leadership allows us to live in the ambiguities and paradoxes of running an organization.


In the Paradoxes of Leadership workshop, you will learn:

  • The eight principles of stewardship leading to
    staff self-direction, which include sharing
    knowledge and information and ensuring that
    service is everything
  • How to engage in the paradoxes of leadership
    through Peter Block’s four engagement
    – How much initiative will you take?
    – How much risk will you take?
    – How much responsibility will you take?
    – How much will you get out of this session?
  • Ways to release control to empower staff

AUDIENCE: All leaders