ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH: How Are Your Organization’s Vital Signs?

Organizational Performance Group Fostering Culture

Leading well improves your organization’s health – in this workshop we show you how.

In this workshop, we discuss the importance of content and process in leadership and the nineteen signs of health – including timeliness of decision-making, productivity, and information flow – with a “pulse check” for your particular organization. We will show you the best ways to lead using our four leadership competencies and their implications within your organization. We will also explore the leadership tools that lead to overall organizational health and how you can implement them using your own background and strengths. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with actionable tools and a commitment to organizational health that will lead to active next steps as you lead your institution.


As a result of the Organizational Health workshop, you will:

  • Analyze the nineteen signs of organizational health in
    your specific institution – including accountability,
    information flow, leadership’s energy, dealing with
    failure, and morale
  • Learn the four leadership competency clusters that sustain organization health – with a particular focus on visibility
  • Discover how the four leadership competencies apply to Abundance LeadershipTM
  • Develop next steps and tools for establishing better organizational health for your company

AUDIENCE: Leaders and high and mid-level managers