MISSION-DRIVEN INTERVIEWINGTM: Align Recruitment with Purpose

Organizational Performance Group Building Skills

Learn how to select the best-fit employees for your organization every time you interview.

While interviewing is often viewed as merely a transactional responsibility, in reality, few business functions have greater impact on an organization than employment interviewing. Truly effective interviewing constitutes a transformational process through which the organization hand selects those individuals who will become the face, the voice, and the embodiment of the organization to its clients and customers. Through a mission-driven approach to interviewing, interviewers will develop the skills they need to find the “right” candidates – the ones who can meaningfully contribute to attaining the overarching objectives of the position, of the department, and of the organization.



As a result of the Mission-Driven Interviewing (MDI)TM
workshop, you will:

  • Develop interviewing practices that focus on
    consistency, fairness, and increased defensibility
  • Establish a common language for interviewing that
    results in easier decision-making and ultimately,
    better hires
  • Identify the mission of your organization, its position,
    and the performance metrics for the specific role(s)
    being interviewed
  • Identification of the knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics (KSBCs™) needed for success
    in specified role(s)
  • Create appropriate interview questions and learn efficient résumé screening tactics

AUDIENCE: All levels with interviewing and candidate selection responsibilities; HR and line managers.