META-METRICS: Measuring What Matters in Leading Organizations

Organizational Performance Group Managing People

How do we know when our organizations are succeeding?

To achieve performance excellence, organizations must assess progress through the use of appropriate metrics. Leaders and managers must determine what to measure and then how to measure it. It is easy to measure too much, to measure the wrong things, or to measure poorly. In this workshop, participants analyze performance measurement from theory to implementation by examining and applying performance measurement models to common performance issues. They explore a variety of measurement tools, discussing what constitutes “good measurement” practices.


Models studied include the Balanced Scorecard, logic models, the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence, and systems mapping. Participants also learn how to communicate organizational results to peers and clients. Participants explore the basics of good statistical practice and good survey design. The course is highly interactive with a mix of lecture and experiential work, revolving around a core case. For longer runs of the course, pre-work, required reading, and a final presentation are required.


As a result of the Meta-Metrics workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand several approaches to performance measurement, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and application to strategic planning
  • Apply a variety of performance measurement models and techniques
  • Develop dashboards and communicate performance measurement solutions effectively to a wide range of constituents
  • Know the basics of good statistical practices in organization measurement
  • Understand where measurement fits in strategic planning

AUDIENCE: Leaders, managers, internal strategic planners, senior consultants, business analysts – anyone who needs to design or implement ways to measure organizational performance
LENGTH: 3-5 days
CLASS SIZE: 12-30 students (18 is optimal class size)