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Where are you on the continuum of engaging, contributing, or coaching your boss?

Managing up is not about telling your superiors what to do. Rather, it is about learning the skills needed to meet your organization’s goals and to make recognized and valued contributions. It’s about learning to create an open exchange of ideas between your supervisor and yourself to yield measurable results. The course content is appropriate for both supervisors and non-supervisors.


As a result of the Managing Up workshop, you will:

  • Understand the advantages of managing up
  • Build confidence in approaching your manager
  • Take a central role as both team member and leader
  • Identify your fears
  • Know your supervisor’s ‘hot buttons’
  • Develop key “managing up” conversational skills – including respectful pushback, allowing the other person to challenge herself, and calling it
  • Realize the impact of limiting and empowering assumptions

AUDIENCE: Mid-level managers and staff


Sample “managing up” conversational skills and their application:

  • Respectful pushback is appropriate when – your manager contradicts herself
  • An example of allowing the other person to challenge herself is – “I hear you saying you are not totally committed to this venture. Say more about that.”
  • An example of calling it like it is – “I’m hearing some hesitancy. What is causing you to hold back?”