Organizational Performance Group Leading Organizations

“The best way to influence the boss in this type of organization is to make and defend your argument in front of your peers.” – Jay Galbraith

A matrixed organization is one in which the management structure has multiple reporting relationships – the hierarchy is maintained, but is multiplied. In this workshop, we define and review matrix structures and their benefits and challenges. For example, while matrixed organizations efficiently use their resources and are more flexible in periods of change or uncertainty, they also have multiple areas of accountability, and sometimes lack clear expectations of their employees. This workshop will help you navigate this particular type of management effectively.



As a result of our Managing Matrixed Organizations workshop, you will:

  • Understand what a matrix structure is, the benefits it offers, and the critical challenges of working in a matrixed organization
  • Develop tools for identifying and engaging your key stakeholders proactively
  • Learn how to get input from both the functional and project leader on goal setting, talent and performance management, role clarity, decision-making, and conflict resolution
  • Review key roles in a matrix organization and the skills needed for each
  • Discuss challenges faced by you and your peers in the current matrix structure and develop actions to address them

AUDIENCE: High-level managers and leaders
LENGTH: ½ or 1 day
CLASS SIZE: Up to 25 participants