Organizational Performance Group Managing People

Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing; fair is everyone getting what he or she needs in order to be successful.


In this workshop, we discuss and explore a variety of ways to make the most impact on your organization as a leader or manager. We cover topics from unconscious behaviors and their impact to the differences between impact and intent and how to hold people accountable in a positive way. Participants will be able to role play in scenarios that address communication, engagement, learning vs. judging, self esteem vs. self-perception, and feedback. The scenarios are designed to provide insight into the individual’s management needs and the practice to take the skills back to the workplace immediately.


As a result of the Managing for Greater Impact workshop, you will:

  • Address unconscious behaviors and their impact
  • Distinguish between intent and impact in your management
  • Learn how to hold people accountable in a positive way
  • Discover tools for creating focus across the staff of your organization
  • Develop a learning (and not judging) stance in managing others
  • Learn new communication techniques to overcome defensiveness and resistance
  • Become comfortable with giving and receiving feedback – feedback is a gift!
  • Learn how to use questions as a leadership strategy

AUDIENCE: Mid to high-level managers and leaders

Avoiding feelings is not healthy in the workplace – there is a way to handle feelings effectively, including:

  • Acknowledging the other person’s feelings before beginning to problem-solve
  • Naming and describing feelings, especially during difficult conversations