MANAGER’S BOOT CAMP: Master Your Best Leadership Style

Organizational Performance Group Managing People

Boot Camp is for managers looking for an intense, high-impact leadership boost!


Today’s managers are expected to manage the performance, results, risk, priorities, expectations, and processes and systems for their organizations. This program addresses the importance and challenges of each of these areas and offers front-line managers an intense curriculum that covers the managerial impact of perceptions (their own and those of the people theymanage), creative problem solving; and team building. Participants also learn how communication skills — such as style preferences, listening, motivation, positive confrontation, and counseling — impact leadership.


As a result of Manager’s Boot Camp, you will:

  • Understand how unconscious behaviors impact your
    ability to lead
  • Discover the elements of a performance management
    system and performance-related feedback
  • Learn communication strategies for different “styles”
  • Know when to use employee coaching vs. employee counseling to get desired results
  • Determine your “Approachability IQ” and your team culture
  • Explore priority management tools and how to create an implementation plan
  • Understand the differences between influence and control

AUDIENCE: New to mid-level managers

Thinking strategically, here are two questions a “thinking manager” should be asking:

  • Whom or what am I managing?
  • What will success look like?