LEADING CHANGE: Transforming Fear to Joy

Organizational Performance Group Leading Organizations

“A change can work only if the people affected by it can get through the transition it causes successfully.”
– William Bridges

In this workshop, we explore how to manage change and transition successfully. We use change management models to analyze your organization’s current state which helps us develop goals to ensure your change management process is mirroring the desired change of your organization. This workshop is designed to create effective change agents out of every participant by providing key insights into the phases of human reactions to change and transition and its overall impact. Most change models have the same underlying pattern: current state, transition state, future state – let us help you navigate each state in the most efficient way for your organization.


As a result of our Leading Change workshop, you will:

  • Understand the predictable phases of human reactions to transition
  • Identify the impact that organizational change initiatives have upon yourselves and others
  • Better understand your role and potential influence as change agents
  • Begin to develop strategies to assist your organization in managing change and transition
  • Discover strategies and practical techniques to build resilience, regain control, and help manage the stress inherent during times of change to help people refocus and increase effectiveness
  • Discuss the ancillary benefits of change processes – such as improved leadership and stronger teams
  • Review five change frameworks – including William Bridges’ transition model and Fisher’s “process of transition” model

AUDIENCE: High-level managers and leaders; change leaders