Organizational Performance Group Managing People

Accountability is synonymous with responsibility. The best leaders take responsibility for their own actions and create a culture of empowerment—staff and leadership who always hold each other accountable.

In this workshop, we review research regarding leadership and accountability and discuss where we as individuals and organizations may fall short – do we feel that most of our employees know what is expected of them? How do you react if someone is not meeting his or her targets? We will do a deep dive into defining accountability and its assumptions. In doing so, we will discover how we can modify our leadership behaviors to address the lack of focus and ambiguity that the majority of people find in their day-to-day tasks.




In the Holding Yourself and Others Accountable workshop, you will:

  • Address several key assumptions about job expectations found in the majority of workplaces
  • Establish a “learner” mindset instead of a “judging” mindset in order to lead with a focus on possibilities and a positive outlook for your organization
  • Learn the six steps to creating engaged accountability

AUDIENCE: All levels