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Communication matters. Are you using communication to effectively engage your staff?

Active listening is a communication skill which has proven to be very effective at improving relationships of all kinds. Using active listening techniques can help people gain a better understanding of each other’s feelings and needs, resolve conflicts, build trust, show concern, demonstrate respect, encourage dialogue, improve teamwork, and increase collaboration. Active listening, combined with several other tools and techniques in our High-Impact Communication workshop, allows participants to practice listening to other people within the other person’s own frame of reference and gives participants the tools to understand the whole message – both content and feeling – to ensure effective communication.



As a result of the High-Impact Communication workshop, you will:

  • Learn and practice the essentials of active listening—the foundation of effective communication
  • Assess your current communication skills
  • Understand the characteristics of useful feedback
  • Learn a model for giving and receiving feedback
  • Develop a personal communication action plan

AUDIENCE: All levels

Below are three of the five main steps in active listening:

  • Give your full and undivided attention – pay attention to the other person’s body language
  • Face and look at the person
  • Withhold judgment