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How well do you handle a crisis? Can you “roll with the punches?”

Work transition is hard and often takes an emotional toll. Emotional resilience is the ability to absorb high levels of change that affect your personal situation, while maintaining your level of performance. Resilient people are no less vulnerable — but able to bounce back quickly and do not become victims of change. In our emotional resilience workshop, we provide you with practical tools, perspectives, and approaches that will help you manage the ‘inner game’ that is so necessary to being at your best – the tools that help you face difficulties in the workplace or during a work transition.



As a result of the Emotional Resilience workshop, you will:

  • Increase your awareness of your behaviors when you encounter an unfamiliar situation and determine ways to sort through those situations
  • Identify sources of feedback and emotional support
  • Be able to identify factors to diagnose your emotions and gain insight into your emotional state
  • Use your diagnosis to create an action plan for establishing resilience in best of times/worst of times scenarios

AUDIENCE: All levels

Part of an example of how to evaluate and create an action plan to establish positivity, one of the five elements of emotional resilience is:

  • Become more aware of the things you say to yourself when you encounter an unfamiliar situation
  • Ask for feedback on your ability to identify opportunities
  • If you become frustrated or find yourself becoming negative about a new situation, take a “timeout”