Organizational Performance Group Managing People

Emotional intelligence capabilities count more than IQ or expertise for determining who excels at a job – any job.


In this workshop, we explore Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its applications in the workplace. Initially developed by psychologists Peter Salovey and Daniel Goleman, EI is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage not only our own emotions, but the emotions of others. We must be aware of the ways in which our emotions drive our behavior and the behavior of others so that we can manage those emotions, especially under pressure. This workshop walks participants through the Emotional Competence Framework and eight strategies to enhance emotional intelligence so that each individual can assess strength and development areas regarding self-awareness of emotions, regulation of emotions, and empathizing with the emotions of others.


As a result of the Emotional Intelligence workshop, you will:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and why it
    is essential for leaders to develop and demonstrate
  • Determine how well you can read others’ emotions
  • Assess your awareness and ability to regulate your own emotions and to empathize and effectively work with the emotions of others
  • Review the Emotional Competence Framework
  • Develop strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence – including active listening and examining how you react in stressful situations

AUDIENCE: All levels

Relationship management is part of social competence, a key component of the emotional competence framework. Can you think of the elements of relationship management?

Influence, communication, and teamwork are a few examples!