DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: Getting Your Best Resolution

Organizational Performance Group Managing People

How often do conversations go wrong?

In this workshop, we explore how to navigate difficult conversations – whether to engage in the conversation in the first place, what stance to take when communicating, and sometimes, considering the alternatives.


As a result of the Difficult Conversations workshop, you will recognize the following:

  • How to define the learning and judging stances of a
  • Identifying intent and impact within a conversation
  • When it’s worth it to confront an issue, when it’s not, ways it can go wrong when confronting,
    how to maximize the chances that it goes right, and how to course-correct when it doesn’t
  • Three techniques to foster a learning conversation


AUDIENCE: All levels

Some unproductive expectations for difficult conversations

  • Seeking to change the other person rather than to
    influence her behavior
  • Looking for short-term relief at a long-term cost to the relationship
  • Resolving the issue quickly – difficult conversations take time and commitment