CRACKING THE CODE: Transforming Top Technical Professionals Into Leaders

Organizational Performance Group Leading Organizations

What are the tools needed for technical employees to enhance their skills as new managers?

Many leaders feel the best managers come from those who are technically the most competent. The best IT person is promoted to IT manager; the strongest engineer finds herself leading the design team. Being promoted to a managerial position from a technical one is also the goal of many engineers and other technical experts. A managerial promotion can be rewarding and provides tremendous validation, but what happens when individuals who are not trained in management must learn to navigate its tricky waters?


Companies rarely focus on the management training needs of those making the transition from technical individual contributor to front-line manager. The company’s risk is high when it does not attend to the development needs of these new managers – ranging from high turnover, low morale, production errors, and more. In this workshop, we provide the right training, mentoring, and coaching to empower technical employees to both enhance their skills and practice the kind of leadership behavior that will ultimately lead to successful job transitions, increased productivity, and better bottom line results


As a result of the Cracking the Code workshop, you will:

  • Develop leadership and management tools necessary to successfully transition into your new role
  • Receive individualized mentoring and coaching
  • Establish future goals for your new role and an action plan for achieving those goals

AUDIENCE: Technical professionals transitioning into leadership/management roles
LENGTH: 1 day
CLASS SIZE: Up to 25 participants