Organizational Performance Group Managing People

In an environment with a positive approach to performance and development, what might you notice?

In this workshop, we explore best practices for conducting performance evaluations and setting personal and organizational goals. Performance evaluations are one element of performance management that are designed to improve communication between supervisors and staff and to facilitate the development of clear expectations and performance standards. Goalsetting should be conducted at both an individual and organizational level with the organization’s mission and strategy in mind – every individual’s performance expectations should align with organizational objectives.


As a result the Conducting Performance Evaluations & Goal-Setting workshop, you will:

  • Understand how giving feedback can improve performance
  • Practice giving constructive and positive feedback
  • Review how to prepare for and conduct an effective performance discussion
  • Learn the basics of performance management
  • Understand the benefits of goal-setting and feedback in improving performance
  • Learn how to write SMART goals

AUDIENCE: All levels (goal-setting); leaders, managers
(performance evaluations) – overlap for both
LENGTH: 3-5 days
CLASS SIZE: 12-30 students (18 is optimal class size)

Do you know the five types of goals? See below for a description of one type:

  • INNOVATION – implementation of new products/services