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Does your leadership style support your organization’s health?

Abundance leaders are supportive in surmounting obstacles, building commitment and enthusiasm company-wide, and seeing the possibilities in all situations. These characteristics have been found to significantly correlate with organizational “health” – a key factor in business success

In this workshop, we share an overview of findings about
leaders who work from a scarcity mental model versus those who work from an abundance mental model. Scarcity leaders see the world as an inherently difficult place without enough resources. They tend to hoard information and power.

Abundance leaders see the possibilities in all situations, share power, share credits, and work from an optimistic standpoint. Which is your stance and how does it impact your staff? In addition to your selfdiagnoses, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each stance, and look at ways to use the better aspects of each mental model to lead staff.

This workshop combines the key learnings of our Organizational Health workshop with Abundance LeadershipTM – the goal is that through this workshop you will begin to develop the Abundance LeadershipTM skills and tools as well as a commitment to organizational health that will result in more effective leadership of your institution.


In the Abundance Leadership & Organizational Health workshop, you will:

  • Explore how the Abundance LeadershipTM model can help the leaders in your organization
  • Learn about the feedback method used to collect information in this model
  • Apply the nineteen signs of organizational health to your specific institution – including responsibility, accountability, information flow, leadership’s energy, dealing with failure, and morale
  • Learn the four leadership competency clusters that sustain organization health, with a particular
    focus on visibility
  • Discover how the four leadership competencies apply to Abundance LeadershipTM
  • Develop next steps and tools for establishing better organizational health for your company

AUDIENCE: High and mid-level managers and leaders
LENGTH: 1 day
CLASS SIZE: Up to 25 participants