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Like a great Chief of Staff, Chiefofstaff.com software helps senior leaders in complex organizations implement strategies successfully. Here’s how:

Chiefofstaff.com flexibly adapts to your unique strategic plan and empowers your people to handle more complexity while staying aligned with, and focused on your priorities. We create a social network focused on strategy execution that engages and harnesses your team’s collective intelligence. You receive briefings 24/7 based on real-time feedback from your front lines.

What Drives Your Strategy?

Chiefofstaff.com helps you structure your strategy and link initiatives to priorities. 

The power of Chiefofstaff.com’s solution: First, we help you organize and structure the main categories of your strategic plan, like creating the chapters of a book. Your strategic initiatives are then mapped to these “driver” categories and linked to the most important priorities of your business. This allows your strategic initiatives to be assigned and tracked across your organization and teams. This is what we mean by making them actionable or “operationalized”.

Chiefofstaff.com gives your teams a platform to provide status updates on their assigned initiatives. A full array of custom reports and heat maps are easily generated, no matter how complex, diverse or numerous your business units are. That means you can easily view progress on all your goals and priorities.


Managing complexity has never been simpler.

See how Chiefofstaff.com’s  corporate strategy management (CSM) software, coupled with experienced senior onboarding support, empowers you to deliver on your plans. 

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