360° Feedback Assessments

High-quality, affordable feedback – None of the hassle.

A 360°, multi rater assessment can seem like a daunting task. Collecting vast amounts of data, organizing the responses, and analyzing the results must be done through a massive personal effort, by a trusted source, or at a premium price. Often, these barriers will prevent a leader from achieving the growth they need.

At OPG, we take pride in our ability to provide an affordable, research-based 360° assessment for any leader. These assessments include:

  • Feedback from subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor
  • Feedback from external stakeholders who interact with the employee, such as customers and suppliers
  • A self-evaluation
  • Comprehensive data analysis and delivery process
  • Two, one-hour coaching calls with an Abundance Coach from OPG ($1200 value) to review and breakdown the key points from the data analysis


Get the feedback you need to become a better leader. 

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