360° Feedback Assessments

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A 360°, multi-rater assessment can seem like a daunting task. The lift required to collect, organize, analyze, and present the amount of data required to deeply understand a leader’s strengths and areas for development can deter many organizations from taking this on.

But equipping leaders with 360° assessment insights can be an invaluable investment in their learning and growth.

The OPG approach

OPG’s Abundance Leadership® 360° assessment offers valuable insights for leaders into their leadership style by highlighting behaviors perceived by others in two key areas: abundance behaviors and scarcity behaviors. Self-ratings enable comparison between a leader’s self-view and what others observe. A robust comparative database provides benchmarks for how subordinates typically rate their managers on these same behaviors. OPG’s assessment also includes an organizational health measure, which assesses the organization’s work culture and internal effectiveness.

The Abundance Leadership® 360° assessment package includes:

  • Feedback from a leader’s direct reports, peers, and manager
  • Feedback from other stakeholders who interact with the leader, such as customers, suppliers, or collaborators 
  • A self-evaluation
  • An organizational health assessment 
  • Comprehensive data analysis and a customized report, including benchmarks 
  • Two one-hour coaching sessions with one of OPG’s coaches to review the report and discuss insights and action steps

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