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HR for what? In this day and time of turbulence, HR professionals need to think, plan and act with greater agility. Such actions require a keen focus on strategy development, operational alignment and a results-driven orientation in providing value to organizational initiatives. Having a seat at the strategic table means HR professionals must have something to say that encompasses true business partnership and that language requires a results-based action plan. True leadership – like described above – considers the consequences of their actions for the organization through the eyes of employees, customers and stakeholders.

OPG provides an in-depth range of courses that focus on developing Human Resource Professionals and ensuring linkage of the function to business strategy. The following represents some of OPG's keystone HR programs.

HR Skill Programs

For companies seeking targeted solutions for their Human Resource professionals, OPG offers three intensive skill-development programs:

  • Mission Driven Interviewing™: Designed for HR professionals, this program is part classroom instruction and part process. This program can also be coupled with an initiative called Questsource™, a unique database program of interview questions, available on the web that streamlines and focuses the interviewing process.
  • Talent Leadership Program: This initiative educates HR specialists in the areas of candidate selection, on-boarding, performance management, and appraisal and development.
  • HR Impact Guide (HRIG)©: This is a multi-purpose tool designed for assessing, prioritizing and aligning the modern human resource function with organizational strategies and goals. Through a series of specific questions, completion of the HRIG© serves as an impetus toward a decision-making science for the human resource function.


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